Recent Projects


Over the past few weeks, I've spent some time creating beautiful things. It has taken me some time because although I enjoy all of the crafting, my hands hurt. :( I've had to do what I could and get tools or people to help me do the rest. Yes! One of the things that I've been doing is cooking more. I've decided to try new recipes. My family and I watch the cooking channel so why it put all of those good tips to use? Right?! These are the jewelry pieces that I've made for a friend. My kids and … [Continue reading...]

My Stash


If you are a knitter then you know, like many other knitters, have a stash. Before I became active in the knitting community, I had a stash. Before I knew the difference between yarn fibers, I had a stash. Now that I have been knitting for almost 6, I really have a stash. If I didn't knit as much as I do, I would call myself a stasher instead of a knitter. :) I really enjoy the process of stashing. I enjoy the sight of the yarn. You know what that's like. You walk in to your local yarn shop … [Continue reading...]

Shawl KAL on Ralvery


I am apart of the Stitch by Stitch Videocast group on Ralvery. This months we are doing a shawl for a KAL. I am super excited. I started it last night. The shall seems to be pretty easy. Yet to start it is very frustrating. I had to use the video provided by one of […]

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Swatch 1


I have decided to make a blanket using swatches. The first swatch is made using Vanna’s Choice yarn. I’ve had this yarn for about 5 years. I thought that it was time to use it, so I created a project for it. I’ll be posting more later on my progress. This particular search is finished. […]

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Episode 1

Today, I decided to record my first podcast/webcast episode.  It is in two parts because I had a few interruptions, but that’s normal…right?!  I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you enjoyed the videos. You can join me in my Ravelry group, Inspired Knitting

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My Knitting Journey

I really want to become an expert knitter.  I want use my stash and create beautiful items.  This blog, whatever it was before, will be a way for me to track my journey. I came across a site online that will help me learn the intermediate skills of knitting.  I am very excited that I […]

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Making My Yarn


A few years ago, I brought some roving and a drop spindle. I was so excited about spinning, that I made my own yarn. It had been a while, but today, I decided to go back and make some more. I have to choose from a few different colors that I have. I hope I […]

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What’s on my needles? Progress


This is of the craziest things that has ever happened. I have decided to finish my knitting. I am working on projects until they are finished prior to starting something else. So while sitting in a waiting room, I’ve been working on a vertebrae for my new baby girl. I have been working on it […]

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Knitting: Baby Booties


The time is near and I am so excited to be expecting our new little girl. With all of the excitement, I decided to knit her some booties. I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take, but I’m almost done. That’s right!!! I’m almost done. The only thing I have to do next […]

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Knitting: What’s on My Needles


Over the past few years, I’ve read multiple blog posts of knitters that are able to complete projects within a weeks time. Let me be the first to say, I am not one of those knitters. With so much going on in my life, it’s a blessing if I find time to get half way […]

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